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REGISTER NOW for the DigiDetox Program

'DIGITAL DETOX' is a new initiative that is specifically designed to engage young people to take a pledge to better use their social media for a period of 48 hours.

To support their pledge, Best Enemies in conjunction with the Bully Free Australia Foundation ("BFAF") will run a number of activities and workshops and provide resources to schools to participate across Australia. 

The 48 hour 'Digital Detox' will raise funds for students, schools and organisations to assist them in:
1) Accessing important education material on safe and healthier online relationships and cyber safety.
2) Running engaging cyber safety & anti bullying workshops.
3) Raising awareness on cyber bullying and social media safety.

Building on Best Enemies' success, the program and partnership with ("BFAF") is a unique make up of a group of committed and passionate individuals including families of bullying victims, politicians, teachers and the police. 

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